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Statement of Philosophy

     The child's early years are crucial to development. These years are learning times that are special and unique for each individual child. During these formative years, children acquire knowledge about themselves and the world around them through their experiences. The child is an explorer, an experimenter, continually encountering the world and learning through the senses about this encounter. This need to discover is aided by an environment which promotes individual growth and healthy social behavior. An environment which supports this vital adventure called learning needs to be safe, enriching, orderly, and peaceful. Here a child can develop creative self-expression and the capacity for esteem for self and for others.

     At ADVENTURE WORLD, children take part in a relaxed and unhurried program which promotes learning in math, written and oral language, and the arts and sciences. Here they are encouraged not to become "super kids" but to become their own unique selves, caring and compassionate toward themselves and others, self-disciplined and self-directed, curious and inquisitive, respecting others and appreciative of cultural diversity. With positive guidance, children develop independence appropriate to their readiness and acquire the ability to handle conflicts in healthy and constructive ways. Through exposure to developmentally appropriate materials presented in a secure and trustworthy environment, the child is able to think, reason, question, and experiment with self-confidence.

ADVENTURE WORLD is dedicated to meeting the needs of the working parents with the most comprehensive program and curriculum offered in child care today.


Design / Environment

     Our buildings are designed around the premise of a home environment, which meets the psychological needs of young children who find it difficult to adjust to a day care setting. Each classroom has, carpeting, borders, and curtains to resemble a room in a residential home. By creating an environment that is familiar to them, the transition is made easier.


Security System TV Monitoring

     Security and safety for children is foremost in our minds. ADVENTURE WORLD has TV cameras in each classroom with monitors located in the office. This allows parents the opportunity to see and hear in their child's classroom. Our Open Door policy is to encourage parents to participate in their child's classroom at any time that their schedule might permit. We also have a computerized door security system, which only permits ADVENTURE WORLD parents to have access to the areas in the building where the children are located.



     Taking care of children is only one portion of meeting families' needs. Keeping parents well informed is another major part. We accomplish this through Daily Charting (i.e., what type of day they had, how they ate, etc.), Parent Information Boards (Daily activities and curriculum). Portable phones are located in the hallways which allow parents to call and speak with their child's teacher or their child as needed.


Meal Service

     All meals are home-made from scratch, even the breads that we serve. The meals are planned and prepared according to the highest standards; we are committed to laying the foundation for healthy, life-long attitudes toward nutrition.

We serve a full breakfast, nutritious lunch, and an afternoon snack.

After School Program & Summer Camp for ages 5 to 12

We pick up at most area schools. When the children arrive they are served a nutritious snack. Many interesting activities and games are scheduled as well as time is provided for children to do homework.
With summer camp children enjoy many field trips and activities that include roller skating, miniature golf, and bowling just name a few.

ADVENTURE WORLD'S hours of operation are from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
with extended hours to 12 a.m. midnight at our Long Leaf Hill Drive location.